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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry to do this but do you have any subs that you follow or that follow you that have experience getting away from a really scary Dom? I'm really scared and I need to get out but I don't know how.


andtakeanothername asked: As a writer sharing very personal things in a public forum, how do you deal with the inevitable jerks who put you down and try to be hurtful?

I do what any seasoned, self-assured, mature artist does.

I become defensive and lash out.

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Anonymous asked: For some reason I thought I saw u in a Disney hotel in flordia. U don't happen to work there do u ?

It wasn’t me.

Have a magical day.

natural-alpha asked: Hey DWP, Was curious if you still listen to NIN? A good friend of mine gave me a late birthday gift and it was the most recent NIN album. I really love it, always enjoyed Trent Reznor's music. And have you ever given How to Destroy Angels a listen? That's another of his.

Yes and yes.

Anonymous asked: Damn it bubble farmer, that was funny. Thanks for lifting my mood.

Go ahead. Laugh at my pain.

Anonymous asked: If girl runs a unicorn rescue and you're a bubble farmer, who's in charge with baby dragons????


Anonymous asked: What do you think your biggest fear was in transitioning into a 24/7 D/s lifestyle?

Freaking girl out and driving her away.

resipsasuperior asked: I've never known a unicorn rescuer before! Are there grants available for that kind of thing or is there an endowment? Fundraising must be awesome!

Ugh. Unicorns are easy. Hire some virgins to frolic around the enchanted forest with bales of cotton candy. Done.

Bubble farming, on the other hand, takes guts and skill. You try defending a bumper crop against a porcupine infestation using only squirt guns and sponges!

Anonymous asked: What do you do for a living? I'm assuming it's something in writing. You're so eloquent and insightful - your writing must extend further than this blog! If it doesn't, it should - you are truly talented!

Thank you so much!

Anonymous asked: What do you and girl do for a career?

I’m a bubble farmer and girl runs a unicorn rescue

Anonymous asked: Is there any attempt to get rid of the word 'Daddy' in the D/s world. It implies child abuse with 99% of the general population and is about as pc as referring to your partnership as Master and Nigger. As a parent and a son it is excruciating to see parental ties sexualised this way and the number of blogs I see run by under-20s looking for a Daddy to abuse them demonstrates that consensual adult terms are normalised amongst vulnerable children. The D/s scene has a responsibility to change.

I understand that your message comes from a genuine concern for the welfare of young people. And of course I agree that children should be protected from sexual assault. For that matter, EVERYONE should be.

But on the point of the word “Daddy,” I think you need to broaden your view. “Daddy” has been used as a term of affection between lovers, inside and outside of BDSM, for sixty years or more. For that matter, lovers have been calling one another “baby” or “babe” for the last century. Do you assert that the writers of almost every love song since the 1920’s are endorsing sex with infants? That’s absurd.

Finally, I reject your comparison of “Daddy” to the “N” word. The “N” word has never been anything but an epithet, at least, so far as I know. Whereas “Daddy” is associated with a long list of positive attributes that have nothing to do with actual fatherhood.

So, rather than starting a movement to evict the word “Daddy” from BDSM, let’s focus on the important part of your message: actually protecting children from abuse.


Love this!


Love this!

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Anonymous asked: Hey so I enjoy being dominated in bed and having a sexually aggressive partner, but I do not like calling them "daddy," I just enjoy being dominated sexually and in /some/ real life ways. What does that mean? Does it have a name?

Submission is a spectrum, not a box. But honestly, don’t get too concerned with labels. Life does not have tags like blogs do. We don’t have to belong to a faction.