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NSFW, 18+. Written by a monogamous, Dominant male, this blog comprises Q&A about D/s, personal testimony , erotic fiction, and Geekery including Harry Potter, Star Wars, and cats.

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Anonymous asked: My bf recently started setting bed time, which I love. Sometimes I have to remind him or ask what time it isour work schedules change the time daily, which is still OK :) but now he has been setting wake up times as well so I don't sleep allday 😴😕

Sounds right to me.

addictedahs asked: Sorry if you consider like i'm pushing you, but I really need to know: Will you update Serving Girl ever again?

Honestly I don’t know.

I get asked about it, but the chapters don’t have many notes compared to other posts. So it’s a matter of applying myself to the most satisfying, impactful work.

Anonymous asked: My friend is going out with a Dom who has subs. He just told her that he wasn't intimate with them. Is that possible or is he just stringing her along? She is not poly.

I’m not buying it. I’d steer clear.

Whenever I start typing something beginning with ‘d’ into my address bar, the first two suggestions that come up are your blog and Domino’s Pizza…I love my life!

DWP: hehe

Anonymous asked: RE: that question about the language of ‘lost’ virginity. I like the words laci green (a sex positive YouTuber, tumblr denizen and awesome sex educator) uses - “your sexual debut”! Hehe it's got a ring to it!

I like it

That is not me

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Anonymous asked: Why do we say 'lost' my virginity? Why don't we say we 'gained' something?

Probably (don’t quote me) has something to do with Victorian sexual values, which dictated that an unmarried woman’s worth was down to her “virtue.” So, if she had sex, she was said to “lose” it.


The Confessional Is Closed

Although I may need to start a second blog just about that.

To those whose stories I didn’t post; I’m sorry I couldn’t share your tale.

To those of you who were raped: I am sorry for my part in the world we live in. Your stories affected me. Thank you for sharing.

To those who had wonderful first times:
You made me smile. Thank you for sharing.

To those who have yet to do the deed: don’t hurry. It’ll be there when you arrive.

Anonymous asked: When I lose my virginity, it'll be with somebody with somebody I love. It'll be with somebody who'll be patient and comforting and work with me through my intimacy issues. Because if they don't, it will literally be impossible for me to lose it!


mnarsete52 asked: 21 february 1991, in his car. i was 19, he was 28. he was perfect: such a great memory. maybe i enjoy sex so much also because of that night.


epitomeofperfection asked: I lost mine when I was 17 to my first long-term boyfriend. It didn't hurt at all, and he was super sweet about it; making sure I was okay, and that everything was all right. The one laughable thing is that it was on Bob the Builder sheets hahahaha


cumandmakemerawr asked: I was 16. It was Halloween in his bedroom and I was dressed as little red Riding hood. It was amazing and I will never forget it. We stayed together for 5 years.


Anonymous asked: I am also still a virgin, but I have been with my boyfriend for six years, and we plan to lose ours together when we both decide we're ready.


Anonymous asked: I lost my virginity to a pastor when I was 13. We were playing hide and go seek on the church property. I decided to hide in the tree house and there he was waiting for me. He made me have sex with him and then also give him a blow job. Some people still say I am a virgin after being raped, but I'm not.

I’m so sorry.

lactating-little asked: I was 19 and lost my virginity to my husband on our wedding night. It was also the night I got my first spanking. I got to spend almost five years married to him... one of those rare angels who walk around on earth. He passed away in early 2005 after battling cancer.